Creazione comitato scientifico

MARZO 2019

Inizio scrittura della performance con la consulenza del comitato scientifico 


Sviluppo impianto Vr dell'esperienza in collabriazione con il Politecnico di Torino.


VERA is a new form of artistic performance, human
emotions are explored through the use of virtual reality
and binaural sounds.

VERA is a research in the field of technology, social
sciences and arts, aiming at achieving an optimal


VERA bridges heterogeneous knowledge of psychologists,
holistic operators, technology gurus in the fulfilment on an
artistic cognitive experience.


VERA is the world of human emotions, one for each
chapter of its performance.


VERA is a personal exploration through an immersive
and shared experience.


Are you ready to explore your emotions?


©2019 by VERA